eBooks - the indies strike back?

We are always getting excited about things in this shop - mostly it's about books (of course), or events or possibly a conversation we've had with a customer, or even an author.

But the conversations we have with publishers are often the most exciting. Months later, when a book is doing particularly well, or we are basking in the glory of a big event, it can be traced back to a conversation we've had with a publisher months earlier.

But a few weeks ago an ad hoc chat with publisher
Angry Robot has yielded an initiative that in some ways is the most exciting thing we've ever done. It's certainly one of the most innovative - and allows us to start playing in an area that, hitherto, we have been a rather anxious spectator. eBooks.

It's called the 
Clonefiles Initiative and, with a few specific details involving timings, basically you buy an Angry Robot title at Mostly Books - you get the eBook free. And that's for *any* reader.

Pretty exciting, huh? We think so. More over on the Angry Robot website, or read our
 full press release here...

We'll have plenty more on this over the coming days, but we'd love to know what you think, and we hope other indies will follow suit...

(Update - we now have a curated collection of our top ten Angry Robot titles, as chosen by the Mostly Books staff)


  1. Claire McCauley2:34 pm

    What a clever idea - I am incredibly excited by this too! I'll be in when we're home from holiday to purchase some angry robot books.

  2. Claire - we were thinking about you when we were setting this up - thanks for the comment!

    I will give you a personal guided tour around the Angry Robot list when you next come in!

  3. Hi Mark - this IS exciting and I hope more publishers will take up the idea. I don't have a market for sci-fi or fantasy so don't think I can join inyet, though I would have loved to! Any suggestions?? Well done - I'll keep my eyes on you guys as I'm sure you are going to be the ones to lead the way, and as you know, I am really keen (like you) to find a way into this market! Best wishes to you all, Love, Anna