The past is no longer a mystery...

"Gory stories, we do that..."

Well, there was no 'talking rat', but yesterday saw the grand re-opening of Abingdon Museum after an extensive (and fantastic) renovation. And it was very appropriate that actor Martha Howe-Douglas (star of CBBC's Horrible Histories) did the ribbon cutting. After all, Abingdon does have some gruesome things in its past...

Backstreeter has a great collection of photos from the opening ceremony here.

We were preparing for her signing copies of some of the Horrible Histories titles which took place straight afterwards. Most popular titles were 'Flaming Olympics' and 'Oxford', appropriately!

Despite some 'historic' downpours, there was a great turnout - and major kudos to the music performers who performed brilliantly despite heavy rain on the market square.
It was also the official opening of new cafe 'Buns in the Basement' - possibly the coolest place to grab a coffee in Oxfordshire at the moment - we urge you to go take a look soon...
Thanks to everyone - Friends of Abingdon Museum, councillors, and others - who worked so hard to make it a great day. It's not fashionable to say things like this, but yesterday made all of us who work at Mostly Books very proud to live and work in Abingdon...the Museum is a real jewel in the crown.

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