3 4 Friday - three reasons to bring your children to Abingdon on Saturday

Tomorrow (Sat Dec 1) sees the annual Abingdon Christmas lights switch on with a fantastic all-day event - the Abingdon Extravaganza. To lure you into Abingdon, there is free parking all day, the Christmas parade with Father Christmas starts at 11.15am, and there is a whole host of performances, activities, fun and games leading up to the lights switch-on and firewords at 5.45pm.

There are rumours that Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy & Timmy will also be in town during the day...Iggle Piggle may also be at Mostly Books from 2.30pm...

Full details can be found here - but if you are coming to Abingdon tomorrow, we've picked out three of our favourite children's books for today's '3 4 Friday' #FridayReads selection:

Matilda’s Cat – Emily Gravett 
This is another fabulous book for 3+ from award-winning author Emily Gravett. Her illustrations are just wonderful and the expressions on Matilda’s cat are priceless as she tries to entice him to play with her in dress up games and picnic parties. Matilda’s relationship with her poor tormented cat is a comedy classic and there is much for children to enjoy in this deceptively simple book.

And in the run up to Christmas we have a competition to win your very own cat of the fluffy toy variety (who has already been a huge hit in the shop). Buy a copy of Emily Gravett’s book and guess a name for Matilda’s cat to win you own in time for Christmas...

Atticus Claw Breaks the Law – Jennifer Gray
Atticus (Grammaticus Cattypuss) Claw is a tabby cat and a master criminal cat burglar. When he receives a mysterious message asking him to a meeting in a sleepy coastal town, he packs his bags and sets off. The world's greatest cat burglar likes a good mystery but this time has his curiosity got the better of him? Asked to steal all the town jewels and leave the humans baffled, he thinks nothing could be more straightforward.  But when he moves in with Inspector Cheddar and his family, he starts to wonder if a life of crime is really for him...A great new book that will keep your kids gripped and eager for the next chapter!

Winterling – Sarah Prineas
Fer has always felt different and out of place, only feeling right when she’s out in the open countryside, whatever the weather. When she comes across a boy (who’s also a dog) being chased by wolves (which aren’t just wolves), she also finds 'The Way' – a passage to another world and the possibility of answers to all her questions, such as what happened to her father and who she really is. But as Fer enters this enchanting world to which she feels a strange connection, she doesn’t realise just how dangerous it is, or that it is her destiny to free the land from its imprisonment in ice and evil.

An exciting and frosty story with wonderful characters – I particularly like the rebellious Puck, Rook, and the wolves who are just a little bit stupid!

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