Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! A whole new look

Here is Mostly Books on the day we opened. Note half empty window and shiny lettering in what was a heatwave in 2006:

Two years later, the otherworldly Google mapping car drove past our shop in the early dawn light in either June or July of 2008. This is the image you'll find if you search on Google Street View:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the window dates this photograph to our 'Very Hungry Caterpillar Party' in May 2009:

And here's a still from the Olympic Torch procession back in the Summer:

But really, even last year, we knew that the 'decor' of the shop front was showing its age, and needed some urgent attention. The combination of traffic and some extremes of weather over the last few years meant the shop front was in need of some serious TLC.

So cue some treatment to the worst areas of timber...

...then a snazzy green undercoat to give a hint of what was to come...

...and finally a much darker green gloss which might bear more than a passing resemblance to the colour of an MG car...

... replace the lettering, and hey presto: the Mostly Books facelift is complete! 

A big thank you to our landlady and financial assistance from Abingdon Town Council. No more gags about 'Black Books' anymore, but what does everyone think???


  1. That's us. Classy! Thanks Jan...

  2. it looks bigger and better than ever.

  3. It looks great, although I also like the snazzy green undercoat :) Would love to visit one day, as my birthtown in Belgium and your town are twinned. And I, I am a book addict :)
    Good luck with the new look!