Kid's Lit Quiz Heats 2012

The Kid's Lit Quiz Oxfordshire/Berkshire Heat took place last Friday at Saint Gregory the Great Catholic School in Oxford. Thirty-five teams from twenty-three schools battling it out to see who went through to the UK final in Coventry on December 6th - and from there to the world finals in Durban, South Africa next year.
To provide moral support - and test themselves against the teams - fourteen children's authors took part, offered up prizes and questions - and signed books throughout the event.
Many of our favourite children's authors were there, including (out of shot on left) Susie Day, Marie Louise Jensen, Sally Nicholls, and (from left to right in the photo above) Julia Golding, Michelle Harrison, Lucy Coats, Linda Newbery, MG Harris, Dennis Hamley and Richard Knight. The man in the hat incidentally is the legendary Kid's Lit quizmaster Wayne Mills.

(Richard's own experience of the quiz can be found here)

Quite a formidable line-up...with so many schools to co-ordinate between, and a tight schedule, the event is organised with military precision. We were there to support the authors with a bookstall - with a percentage of sales going towards costs of running the quiz:

The quiz was closely fought for more than two hours, but the teams emerging victorious were:

1st: Cherwell School 
2nd: Oxford High School #2
3rd: Abingdon School #1 (Yay! Go Abingdon!)

Think there was only a point or two in it...

Despite the time pressures, I did manage to catch up with several authors - and as always I'm struck by the sheer effort, hard work and creativity (from a business point of view) going on in what is a fast-changing and challenging environment in which to be an author. Many authors are embracing the digital world, and using the opportunity to do different things and experiment with publishing direct to eReaders - whilst still retaining a commitment to the physical book (and independent bookshops, it must be said).

(As an example, take a look at Michelle Harrison launching her own website Tickey End with merchandise inspired by objects adorning her 13 Treasures series. How cool is that?)

A big thank you to co-ordinator Jacky Atkinson for the opportunity to be a part of this global event - take a look here for more details about the Kid's Lit Quiz...

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