3 4 Friday - Crime Ancient and Modern

It's Bank Holiday on Monday, so today's 3 4 Friday #fridayreads is some gripping crime and thrilling reads if you are in the mood for a good book over the weekend...

Historical novelist Lindsey Davis is best known for her Falco detective series, and her latest book is the start of a new series featuring Falco’s adopted daughter, Flavia Alba.

In ‘The Ides of April’  Flavia walks the mean streets of ancient Rome with all the wise-cracking and nose for danger as Philip Marlow. It’s a gloriously fun read, so full of life it brings ancient Rome right into the room with you. We think this book will win Lindsey a whole new host of fans.

Accidents Happen’ by Louise Millar is the enjoyably sinister tale of Kate, who believes bad luck follows her around, but as her in-laws threaten to take away her son if she doesn’t get treatment from her damaging OCD behaviour, she fights to turn her life around. Just as normality seems within reach is bad luck about the strike again? 

Clever writing from shifting viewpoints means the reader is deliciously  a few steps  ahead, but there are still surprising twists and turns in this well-crafted suspense thriller. A compulsive tale that will appeal to fans of ‘Before I go to Sleep’.

Finally, a crime thriller with real depth is ‘The Good Father’ by Noah Hawley. When a young loner assassinates an American presidential candidate, the young man’s father initially struggles to come to terms with what his son is supposed to have done.

What follows is an increasingly taught decent into conspiracy and nightmare as the father tries to discover the truth about what happens, whilst analysing his own role in what his son may have become...

One final note - the all-conquering 'Bring Up The Bodies' is published in paperback next week. Copies in the shop from Tuesday May 7...

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