Attack of the Zombie Librarians

If you are going to take Charlie Higson into a school for a book event, you might be looking around for a few pointers as to whether or not he's going to receive a good welcome.

For example, some posters about the event, or perhaps a good display of his books. Perhaps some letters from pupils asking him to come?

Or how about this prominently displayed in the school library?

Yes, this was a school ready and eager for the undisputed 'King of Zombie culture' himself - Charlie Higson. Lord Williams School in Thame were waiting in nervous anticipation for the great man himself.

And to warm up, he showed them this:

Suitably traumatised, the author of 'The Enemy' series and Young Bond discussed his route to writing, and the power of the written word to inspire, amaze...and terrify.

We already knew what a fantastic writer and speaker Charlie is, during an event in 2011 at Abingdon School. There he gave a masterclass in dealing with the undead but 'The Enemy' series just keeps getting better...and gorier.

Charlie signed copies of both the Young Bond books and 'The Enemy' series - including copies of the latest book 'The Sacrifice' hot off the press in paperback.

There were worries beforehand that some of the children might be traumatised by some of the more gruesome aspects of the books. However, a healthy number of children knew all about zombies, how to kill them (destroy the brain) and some had even worked out their own zombie survival plan (Charlie happy to reassure them that zombies were 'not real' and such a plan was 'probably not needed').

Judging by the number of hands that shot up when Charlie asked how many of them had played age-restricted zombie computer games (particularly 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' - even I was shocked) we needn't have worred at all...

It's a busy year for Charlie, with the fifth in the series 'The Fallen' out in hardback this Autumn, and he was happy to report that as of Monday he would be starting the sixth book.

(Happy to report that on Monday, via his Twitter feed, we learned that Charlie has written 1604 words. So a good start made...)

With a computer game and three more books in the pipeline, we look forward to 'The Enemy' going from strength to strength. Start planning your zombie survival plan now...

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