Mother, Brother, Lover - Jarvis Cocker

Title: Mother, Brother, Lover
Author: Jarvis Cocker (Faber & Faber, HB, 2011)
Price: £150
Collectible status: One of only 100 individually wrapped limited editions, signed, numbered and dated by Jarvis himself (includes signed, numbered and dated bookmark made from individual strip of passport photos of Jarvis).

So what's it all about? 
Jarvis Cocker is widely regarded as one of the most original and memorable lyricists and performers of the last three decades. Mother, Brother, Lover (his first book) is a collection of seventy lyrics, selected and annotated by the author.

Opening with an essay on the art of lyric-writing, the selection features Pulp classics such as 'Common People', 'Babies' and 'This is Hardcore', as well as less familiar and unreleased songs. Spanning thirty years of songwriting, the collection reveals a unique sensibility: a sometimes visceral, sometimes everyday take on love, relationships and the things we do to each other when the lights get low.
Mother, Brother, Lover takes the reader on a tour into the life, art and preoccupations of one of the great British artists of the late twentieth century. Shocking, sharp, clever and funny, it is a beautiful, enduring collection.

Each contains a bookmark made from an individual strip of passport photos. Each bookmark is unique and is signed, numbered and dated by Jarvis himself.

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