3 4 Friday - The Oxford Connection: Britain past, really past, and future

For today's 3 4 Friday #fridayreads we have three books, recently published, and all by authors who studied in Oxford.
The Bone Season’ has been generating a lot of interest in the shop, with its gripping storyline, big concept, and (future) Oxford setting.

The first in a planned seven-part series by debut author Samantha Shannon, it’s the story of Paige Mahoney, a ‘voyant’ who breaks into people’s minds to steal information. The year is 2059 and when Paige is kidnapped and taken to an Oxford hidden for 200 years, she must play a long game – and learn much - to escape...

Something completely different is ‘Longbourn’ by Jo Baker – the story of 'Pride and Prejudice' from the point of view of the maids and servants ‘below stairs’.

What might have been just a gimmick, or a piece of flimsy fan-fiction, is transformed by an author who creates a series of extremely memorable characters whose world you can lose yourself in even as the more familiar story progresses up top.

And finally, if Roman Britain is your thing, ‘Under Another Sky’ is a wonderful – and surprising - new collection of stories and experiences which powerfully conjure up life in Britain under Roman occupation.

Journalist and classics scholar Charlotte Higgins has written a book that is part travelogue, part history book, and in travelling round the country in the company of some of our most eminent archaeologists, she examines both the myths and often surprising realities of what was always an artificial construction: the idea of ‘Roman Britain’. We think this book will be winning awards, and a television series must surely follow...

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