Conspiracy and crackpot adventurers - some summer reading recommendations

We’ve got a few picks for summer reading suggestions for you today – just in case you haven’t yet got the perfect book between your deckchair and the Pimms.

First of all, we are big fans of Sophie Hannah, and her latest thriller out in paperback has all the hallmarks of her ability to lead the reader in totally the wrong direction. ‘The Carrier’ is a taut, psychological thriller, where an overnight plane delay leads to suspicion and revelation for Gaby Struthers, who discovers that an old flame of hers has just murdered his wife. But why would an innocent man frame himself for murder? If you like clever compelling page-turners, get your hands on this one.

Growing Old Outrageously’ is a fun and inspiring memoir about how adventurous travel should not simply be for the young. Two people who have not seen each other since school bump into each other once retired and become travelling companions. But they don’t just stick to package holidays and cruises. From the Atlas Mountains to the tranquillity of Iona, Hilary Linstead and Elisabeth Davies embark on a series of adventures that take in quad biking and Namibia and an expedition in Australia. Great for armchair travellers and might just make those with itchy feet and a lack of confidence feel that they can do it too.

If you like your thrillers of the conspiracy variety Mark recommends ‘Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore’ by Robin Sloan. Take one ancient, secret society on a centuries-long quest to crack a code dating back to the time of Gutenberg. Add into this mysterious mix an energetic young computer nerd who brings the power of Google to bare on the problem…and all sorts of powerful organisations feel threatened. Imagine Douglas Copeland's 'Microserfs' reimagined as a conspiracy thriller and you are almost there...

As always, come in for some other great reading recommendations this Summer...

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