3 4 Friday - Maps, Migrations and Moving Islands

Having been inspired by authors and publishers alike last Saturday at the 'Ways Into Reading' conference, today's 3 4 Friday #fridayreads feature some of our current favourite children's books, to get kids excited and losing themselves in a new book.

We’ll start with one of our absolute favourites this Autumn: ‘Maps’ by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski. I think it’s fair to say we’ve all fallen in love with the Mizielinskis and their quirky, brilliant illustrated take on the world.

This book of maps is truly a visual feast for readers of all ages. With lavishly drawn illustrations in an over-sized book, maps show not only country borders, cities and rivers, but squeeze in places of historical interest, eminent personalities, iconic animals and plants and fascinating facts. It is a book to dip into and go back to again and again - one of those books you just have to pick up and then get lost in...

We do love a good pop-up in the shop, and Templar’s award-winning How It Works series by Christiane Dorion and Beverley Young have produced bold and imaginative pop-ups on how the weather and the world works.

How Animals Live’ is the latest in the series, and is a pop-up tour through all the environments on Earth. It shows how, from rainforests to the poles, animals have cleverly adapted to life. With pop-ups flaps, pull-outs and other fun features children can explores the extraordinary diversity of animal life. Perfect for anyone with a curiosity about animals and the world around them, and suitable for a wide age-range.

Finally, we are really enjoying the wacky world of ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by the dream-team of Mortal Engines author Philip Reeve and You Can’t Eat a Princess illustrator Sarah McIntyre. The story is bonkers, the two-colour illustrations even more so. But it’s FUN. An unforgettably fun, frolicsome adventure full of mad happenings and even crazier illustrations.

Oliver must rescue his parents and teams up with a moving island and a mermaid, but has to beware of the pesky sea monkeys and the sarcastic seaweed. Brilliantly funny and gorgeously illustrated book that is great to read out loud.

As always, we are here to offer our own unique brand of advice to get kids into reading – come and ask us. And find out more about the authors we met last Saturday (including some top tips on writing from Tracey Corderoy and Andy Mulligan)

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