Spies, Spooks and Giant Slaying - The BBC Radio Oxford Afternoon Bookclub

Another fun Afternoon Bookclub in the company of Kat Orman and Nigel French from Coles Bookstore. Click on the link and fast-forward to about 1 hour and 9 minutes to listen (available on iPlayer until 14 October).

Books discussed this week included:

  • An Officer And A Spy - Robert Harris (HB, Random House, £18.99)
    Robert Harris is the master of intelligent thrillers and here he has written something very special indeed – a fictionalised account of one of the greatest political scandals of all time - ‘The Dreyfuss Affair’ – which reads like an edge-of-your-seat thriller with a very contemporary feel. With its heady mix of scandal, intrigue, dodgy intelligence dossiers, public hysteria and press collusion – it’s a tale with a very modern feel…
  • Lockwood & Co: The Screaming Staircase - Jonathan Stroud (HB, Doubleday, £12.99)
    My pick for Hallowe’en – a brilliantly written, hairs-stand-up-on-neck ghost story with a twist. Appropriate for middle grade (8-12) and a first-class chill-ride in a world strangely different from our own...
  • David & Goliath – Malcolm Gladwell (HB, Penguin, £16.99)
    I'm a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell, a brilliant writer who takes often complex ideas and research, teasing out the human stories to compel us to look at the world differently - even if we don't always agree with him. David and Goliath revisits issues of crime in society from earlier books, looks at the limits of power and even how smaller school class sizes may not necessarily be better. Superb stuff.

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