3 4 Friday - young love can seem earth-shattering (literally and figuratively) with these top teen reads

Is there any area of publishing hotter than teen fiction? It's a few years since Twilight and The Hunger Games, so who are the current names to watch that keep teens hooked on books?

For today’s 3-4-Friday – three of our current favourite teen reads...

Soulmates’ by British author Holly Bourne has an original and extremely clever concept at its heart – we all know young-love is earth-shattering, but what if it were so...literally?

When Poppy and Noah meet, they have no idea what they are. But when they fall in love, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and lashings of rain are only the beginning of their problems as the world around them falls more and more into disrepair, and the chase is on – led by a shadowy international agency – to stop them before they accidentally destroy the world...witty, intelligent and crackling with energy.

If you like something grittier and set in the real world, then we can definitely recommend ‘Split Second’ from top Brit teen thriller writer Sophie McKenzie.

After a terrorist attack on a London market, two teens are bound together by what happened. Thinking at first they are very much alike, as the story goes on it begins to seem that one knows more about the attack than first thought. This is a tight and tautly-written book, that shows what can happen when courage and loyalties are tested...

Finally, a US pick by Imogen, who was persuaded out of reading dystopian fiction by the lure of John Green. He hit the big time with ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and has teamed up with two other teen writers (Maureen Johnson and the unlikely sounding Lauren Myracle) to bring some festive fayre in 'Let It Snow'.

Through three intertwining short stories, we follow Jubilee, on Christmas eve, as she gets stuck in Gracetown after the train has to stop, Tobin, when his friends go to meet the cheerleaders from that train, and finally, Addie, who is still smarting from her week-old break up. Heartwarming, funny with a unashamedly festive theme, it’s enough to put a smile on your face while waiting for Christmas Day to come...

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