3 4 Friday - Fabulous and Festive - Happy Christmas from Mostly Books

This will be our last 3 4 Friday - and it's three books we've particularly enjoyed having in the shop - and showing customers - over the last few weeks. They also represent three books with genuinely stunning covers and artwork, all for different reasons.

The Invisible Kingdom by Rob Ryan is a big book by all measures, and for those who love Ryan's papercut creations it's a must-have.

It's a story about a little Prince, and the kindness shown to him by one man, who gives him a pen with invisible ink, and a special torch that allows him to create a world only he can see.

A wonderful tale in its own right, a story that celebrates imagination, mystery and learning to know yourself.
Dragonology, Alienology and Wizardology - and now the latest from the Templar Team who bought you all this and more - Dinosaurology.

Written from the recently discovered writings of Percy Fawcett, friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the truth behind his book The Lost World, this is the until-now untold story of the hidden plateau in South America where dinosaurs still roam.

Finally, we're all big Harry Potter fans in the shop (particularly one staff member, who has a strong claim to be the world's biggest HP fan) and the revised and expanded version of Harry Potter Film Wizardry is a joy to read for those who are.

A wonderful, interactive celebration of the tricks, effects and gadgets behind the films, it's another high-quality production by the team behind the films. 

We'll be open until 3pm on Christmas Eve (including this Sunday) - and again from Friday 27 December. From all of us at Mostly Books, we wish you and your family a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

We receive such amazing support from everyone at the shop all year round - thank you so much. We hope you manage to enjoy a good book (or two!) over the holidays.

(P.S. We have some recommendations on today's Book Are My Bag Advent Calendar - see what we recommended...)

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