Tigerman: An Evening with Nick Harkaway

On Wednesday, June 11 at 7pm we are delighted to welcome author Nick Harkaway (author of Angelmaker and The Blind Giant) to a special evening event at The Crown and Thistle, Abingdon to talk about his new latest novel Tigerman.

We think it's going to be a fabulous evening, and you should definitely come along, and Mark is going to explain exactly why:

"As an indie bookseller, there are plenty of authors you discover, enjoy and recommend. But then there are those authors where readers rush back into the shop thanking you for helping them make a marvellous discovery. You want everyone to discover these authors, and tell their friends. These are the authors that remind you why you chose the path of being an indie bookseller in the first place, that caused your mother to weep, your bank manager to sorrowfully shake his head. The authors that get you up in the morning despite the tiredness and bad dreams (particularly that one of Jeff Bezos emerging from the sea off Toyko).

"Nick Harkaway is one of those authors. And I'm delighted he's coming to Abingdon for what promises to be a fantastic book event. And the fact that it's taking place in Abingdon's newest, most splendid venue where they serve good beer is an added bonus."

Nick will be in conversation with Mark, talking about his new novel Tigerman. Tickets cost £4, the entire ticket is redeemable against a purchase of Tigerman on the night, there will be a dedicated real-ale bar, you'll have a chance to meet Nick and get your book signed. It's four days before Father's Day, which is a fabulous excuse to be at The Crown and Thistle on a school night.

Here's a bit more stuff about the author:

Nick Harkaway is the author of two previous novels and a non-fiction book about technology and how it affects us. Tigerman is his third novel. He won the Oxfam Emerging Writer prize at the Hay Festival in 2012 for Angelmaker and The Blind Giant, and Angelmaker was recently awarded the Red Tentacle at the Kitschies (awarded for the most intelligent, progressive and entertaining novel); and was also shortlisted for the Clarke Award and the LA Times Book Prize.

This is what it says on his publisher's page:

He is a skier, a geek, a father and a husband, a failed martial artist (across a wide range of pugilistic disciplines), and wants to be like a cross between Stewart Brand and Jorge Luis Borges when he grows up. He is mildly noted for sartorial bravery and for his outrageous eyebrows.

He writes and commentates a lot about what technology means for us as humans (which are collected in his book 'The Blind Giant') and these themes permeate his novels, which feature ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, often up against powerful, unaccountable, shadowy organisations, sometimes involving kick-ass 90 year old female superspies...and ninjas.

'Tigerman' is the story of Lester Ferris, exhausted soldier, considered a safe pair of hands to wind down British interests in the post-colonial territory of Mancreu, with a frightening toxic industrial legacy, now under UN-control, ahead of its being wiped from the face of the Earth. But when Lester develops a strong bond with a mysterious street-kid, steeped in Internet jargon and comic-book ideas, and when dark forces threaten the boy, Lester must - reluctantly, inevitably - take a heroic path, and the way he does this is both unexpected and utterly thrilling.

Exploring the machinations of power, the possibilities (good and ill) of technology and the real responsibilities and challenges of parenthood - this is intellectual entertainment of the highest order.

So. Just to recap. Wednesday, June 11 at 7pm (for a 7.15pm start to let you get some drinks in). Nick Harkaway. The Crown and Thistle. Father's Day shennanigans. A fabulous evening. Be there. Tell your friends. Tweet them. Reserve your tickets here. Thank you.

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