Inspiring Maps and Thinking Caps - BBC Oxford Afternoon Bookclub and Tom Moorhouse at Oxford's Natural History Museum

On Monday, it was the BBC Oxford Afternoon Bookclub, where - amongst many things - we discussed the brilliant 'Maps' by Andrew Janes (see our review here), 'Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse' by David Mitchell (ahead of his Oxfordshire mini-tour on Thursday) and 'What If?' by Randall Munroe.

As always, you can listen again on iPlayer - fast forward to about 1 hour 6 minutes for about 45 minutes of bookish chat and recommends.

Later on we were very pleased to be bookselling in the august surroundings of Oxford's Natural History Museum with ecologist and children's author Tom Moorhouse, author of 'The River Singers'.

Tom was giving a talk to the Oxfordshire Mammal Group about his work with Water Voles, and we learned exactly why Water Voles have declined so precipitously (due largely to Mink), how quickly they bounce back when habits are restored and mink removed - and the challenges of choosing just which human traits you have to give water voles to make a great children's story. It was a great evening - and the refurbished Natural History Museum looks fab at night...

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