The Versions of Us: An Evening with Laura Barnett

One of the hottest debut novelists of the year, Laura Barnett, will be coming to Mostly Books on Thurs June 25, when she will be talking about her hugely anticipated debut novel that poses the question ‘what if?’ in a truly original way.

Laura Barnett’s ‘The Versions of Us’ presents us with three people, and three different scenarios. Creative yet sensible Eva either meets troubled, artistic Jim – or doesn’t. Or possibly they meet, but Eva is already involved with rising actor, David.

Three scenarios. Three strands. Three versions of life. Each version plays out, keeping everyone guessing as to which will leave our protagonists leading happy and fulfilled lives. Or will any of them?

It's anything but a straightforward study of relationships as the book follows Eva, Jim and David from their first meeting at Cambridge, throughout their lives, forever in a dance whether they are aware of each other or not.

The subtlety of how the characters change, yet remain true, is one of the many skills of the author. No matter which of their alternative lives they are living, it’s a playful book, but also a thought-provoking one.

It’s been compared with David Nicholls’ ‘One Day,’ asking questions such as: How much does marrying the right person first time around affect everything else in our lives? And if a quirk of fate means we miss that chance – if the connection is strong enough, will we get that chance again?

Tickets are £5, to include wine, and redeemable against a purchase of the book on the night. Come along and meet Laura – and learn more about the authors and 'The Versions of Us' here.

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