T'was the Friday Before Christmas...

T'was the Friday before Christmas
And all through the streets
People were shopping
For last-minute treats

Abingdon centre
Was thronging with people
Bells ringing out
from St Nicolas steeple

When suddenly, in Stert Street
There emerged such a clatter
The Mostly Books staff
Looked out - what's the matter?

The strangest of vehicles
Parked in the road
A sledge, and some reindeer
On the back, a large load

Car drivers were staring
Eyes wide in amazement
As a large man in red
Stepped out onto the pavement

He looked all around
(His fat tummy shook)
And declared very loudly
"I need a good book!"

He entered the bookshop
Approached the first shelf
And we couldn't help laughing
At this jolly old elf

We looked at St Nick
And his large rotund belly
Showed him a diet book
('Hairy Bikers', off the telly)

Perhaps what he wanted
As he sat in the sleigh
Was a good work of fiction
As he sped on his way?

We grabbed "Essex Serpent"
by author Sarah Perry
He loved the bright cover
It made him feel merry

But that wasn't quite right
What else could we do?
Showed him a 'Puzzle Book'

Still not quite right
So he nipped out the back
And looked at the children's books
Displayed on the rack

He squeezed into the room
Made such a big rumpus 
The staff stopped and stared
In their bright Christmas jumpers

'Under Earth, Under Water'
Was a big Santa hit
And he pondered a moment
And bent down to sit

So many great books
He took quite a pile
He hunted through shelves
And he took quite a while

"Ah, the new Chris Riddell!"
He cried out "I can carry it!"
A perfect new gift
From the new children's Laureate

Well, soon he was happy
With a big pile of books
'Cogheart' by Bunzl
'Secret Chord' - Geraldine Brooks

He passed on the Walliams
("They'll all have read that")
But took one of the Ladybirds
"How It Works, The Cat"

The Melvyn Bragg title
Had won an award
So he took it, and also
The new Katie Fforde

But just before leaving
He stopped at the exit
"I suppose I should take
Something fun about Brexit!"

With no chimney to shoot up
He just used the door
We swept up the glitter
That was strewn 'cross the floor

And he staggered to Rudolph
Placed the books in his sleigh
"Happy Christmas booklovers
And to all, a good day!"

Happy Christmas from all at Mostly Books!

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