We need YOU to become an astronaut!

When Tim Peake blasted off to the International Space Station last year, his mission captured our imaginations and showed us what living and working in space was really lie.

Between dangerous spacewalks, running a marathon, delivering lettuce seeds and speaking to schoolchildren from orbit, he ignited a passion and curiosity about space - and then got everyone excited again with the news that he's going back for another mission.

Around the world, space is booming. And Abingdon sits smack bang in the centre of some of the most exciting space science - and talented scientists - on the planet.

Still wondering what to be when you grow up? Our advice is to become an astronaut. But where do you start?

On March 26 at the Amey Theatre, as part of Abingdon's ATOM Festival of Science, Louie Stowell - children's author and UK Space Agency expert - will explain "How To Become An Astronaut" in an exciting, out-of-this-world event for the whole family.

Together with Usborne Books, Louie will explain just what it takes to become an astronaut and go on a mission to the International Space Station.

Being an astronaut is not about having the “right stuff” any more. You have to be a scientist, engineer, gardener, YouTuber, coder...not to mention toilet scrubber.

Louie will talk through the training process, and there will be a crash course (not literally!) on what it takes to travel into space. She will answer all the big questions from “How do rockets work?” and “What do astronauts do all day?” to “How do you go to the toilet on a spaceship?” 

On the way you'll learn about the technology that astronauts use, from space suits (surprisingly heavy) to Soyuz spacecraft (surprisingly old), and the scientific experiments that Tim Peake and his colleagues carried out on the International Space Station.

Louie Stowell is author of the Usborne Official Astronaut’s Handbook, which answers all the questions you need to know about being an astronaut (and contains a special message from Tim Peake!). 

Louie has also written books on Coding for Beginners Using Python, so expect tips on what software is needed for a successful trip into space.

Around the world, space is booming. Reusable rockets, daring exploration, international collaborations, awe-inspiring science and even trips round the Moon. We think becoming an astronaut might just be the best career move you could make...

So come along, have fun, be inspired - your training starts here!

Tickets are £4 for adults, £2 for children - or free with an ATOM Festival Pass. Buy tickets from the official ATOM Festival Website - or from Mostly Books.

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