Team Reads: Jenna

What book are you reading right now?
The Silent Witness by Casey Watson.

What are you enjoying about the book?
It’s very different to the things I usually read, as Casey Watson is a foster carer for young children, and it gives a deep insight into the workings and politics of foster caring and how badly some children can be affected by their parents. 

This book shows the love between mother and daughter, and what that bond can make someone do. It’s so lovely to read of a relationship between them that is so strong and loving, even when a tragic incident happens. 

What book(s) that have arrived into the shop this week are you looking forward to reading and why?
Derek The Sheep; Let’s Bee Friends by Gary NorthfieldThis came into the shop while I was working last Saturday, and Imogen and I were in absolute stitches reading the first few pages. There are many wild and wacky situations that Derek manages to get himself into, all shown in a clever comic strip. This is also very different to my usual reads (this week, I felt like a change) but every now and gain a good, hearty book about adventurous sheep is all someone needs.

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