An Evening with Kate Young

After the shop had shut on a dark November evening, the team at Mostly Books cleared down the display tables in preparation for a books and food event with Kate Young. 

For one night, the fiction books were set aside to make space for some hungry guests and some gorgeous cookbooks.  As each guest arrived they were offered a glass of wine or a soft drink as they settled down around communal tables to wait for the event to start.  Conversation ensued with guests comparing book group experiences and chatting about their love of food and cooking.

At 7pm Sarah introduced everyone to Kate Young and the official event began. Kate chatted about her experiences of creating the Little Library Cookbook, the inspiration behind the idea and how she had made it happen.

Kate described how she had initially had aspirations of owning her own cafe and had never expected things to move in the direction that it had.  Through a series of unexpected events, she found herself making copious amounts of food for her close friends over a hot few days in June so that it could all be photographed for her new cookbook.

As the floor opened for questions, the group were clearly interested and engaged in Kate’s experiences.  There was a lot of discussion around the books that inspired the recipes in The Little Library Cookbook and what they meant to Kate.

During the discussion guests dug into some spice cookies from We Have Always Lived in the Castle and sausage rolls from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Halfway through the evening tasters of Chocolatl (inspired by Book of Dust by Philip Pullman) appeared much to everyone's delight.

As the event drew to a close, Kate answered the final questions and, after Sarah closed the official section of the event, guests rushed to grab their copy of the Cookbook and to get it signed by Kate.

Gradually the crowd dispersed and, as everyone left, all that could be heard were exclamations about how much they had enjoyed the event and what a pleasure it was to meet Kate.

A huge thanks to Kate for travelling to Abingdon from London. This was the first foodie related event at Mostly Books for quite some time and it definitely won’t be the last!

More pictures can be seen on our facebook page here.

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