Event Review: Tara Westover at Fitzharrys School

There was an air of anticipation at Fitzharry’s School in Abingdon on Wednesday evening as people started to gather for an author event with Tara Westover.

Tara’s new book ‘Educated’ was published on 22nd February and has taken the publishing world by storm.  The book is a memoir that covers Tara’s amazing journey from growing up in Idaho with no formal education to obtaining a PhD from Cambridge University.  The book not only covers Tara’s experience with education but also goes into a lot of detail about her tumultuous relationship with her family.  The book is an amazing read and leaves you reeling with the thought of what Tara has been through throughout her life.

After a brief introduction from Fitzharry’s librarian Stacey Holt, Mostly Books’ Sarah took to the stage to introduce Tara.  The event took place in a conversation format with Sarah asking questions about the book and the writing process and Tara responding and giving some great insight into her experiences.

The floor was then opened for Q&A and it became apparent that the story had really touched a lot of the guests.  Questions ranged from Tara being asked about her family relationships to a general wondering about the impact of a formal education (or lack thereof) on someone’s ability to be accepted into university.

Once the conversation was closed, guests were invited to purchase a copy of the book and to get it signed by Tara. The length of the queue waiting for book signings demonstrated the impact that the book has on people and this was highlighted when we were told that people had travelled from as far as Kent to hear Tara speak.

The event was a great success and the team from Mostly Books would like to thank Tara for coming to Abingdon.

Tara’s book Educated is available at Mostly Books.  More photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

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