Kassia St Clair - 11th October 2018

Journalist and author, Kassia St Clair, will be at Mostly Books from 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) on 11th October, talking about her new book The Golden Thread.

Kassia's debut book The Secret Lives of Colour took the publishing world by storm and The Golden Thread is expected to do the same with the fascinating story of the world's fabrics and how they have affected history.

From the mummies of Ancient Egypt; via the silken dragon robes of Imperial China and the woollen sails of Viking longboats to the Indian calicoes and chintzes that powered the Industrial Revolution -- fabrics, manmade and natural, have changed and shaped the world we live in.  At the event, Kassia will introduce guests to an alternative history of civilisation and human creativity as she talks about the inspiration behind The Golden Thread.

Tickets are £5, including a drink with £2 redeemable against the price of the book on the night.  Copies of The Secret Lives of Colour will also be available to purchase in paperback. Tickets are available from Mostly Books and from EventBrite.

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