Destination Moon (Again?): 50 Years after Apollo, how does Science Fiction imagine our future in space? - 19th March 2019

Mostly Books will be selling books at this ATOM event at Our Lady's Abingdon on 19th March.

This year will see lots of celebrations to mark fifty years since the first Apollo Moon Landing (#Apollo50). And on Tuesday, March 19th @ 7pm, four award-winning science fiction authors gather together to debate the impact of Apollo on science fiction - and how science fiction predicts our future in space in 'Destination Moon (Again?)'.

Abingdon-based science-fiction author (and space aficionado) Ben Jeapes chairs a panel with acclaimed science fiction authors Simon Morden ('Metrozone' series, 'One Way' and 'No Way'), Gareth Powell ('Ack-Ack Macaque' and 'Embers of War') and Justina Robson ('Quantum Gravity' and 'Salvation's Fire: After the War').

They will be analysing the legacy of #Apollo50, and attempting to predict the future. Will we ever return to the Moon, will it be Mars next - and should we even bother going into space at all? After all, what better way to get to the heart of our future in space than through individuals who have already explored space in the best way possible: in their imaginations...

An Sci-Fi event is a first for ATOM, and Mostly Books will be running a book signing after the event, which takes at OLA Abingdon.
Tuesday 19th March at Our Lady's Abingdon.

Doors open at 18:30 Talk begins at 19:00.

Tickets £5 adult & £2.50 for under 16s.  For more information and tickets, please go to the ATOM Festival website.

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