Book Club Event with Claire Fuller - 30th May 2019

Claire Fuller’s latest book, Bitter Orange, is published in paperback on 2nd May and we think that it will make a great book club read.   Claire will be at Mostly Books at 7.30pm on Thursday 30th May primed and ready to talk about her book. 

Jellico is dying. A man who calls himself the vicar visits, hoping to extract a deathbed confession.

He wants to know what really happened that fateful summer of 1969, when Frances - tasked with surveying a dilapidated country house - first set eyes on the glamorous bohemian couple, Cara and Peter. She recalls the relationship they forged through sweltering days, lavish dinners and elaborate lies, and the Judas hole through which she would spy on the couple. Were the signs there right from the beginning? Or was it impossible to avoid the crime that split their lives open like rotten fruit?

Everyone is welcome - whether you’re already a member of a bookclub or just fancy the idea of a one-off bookclub-style event.    Come along and join in the discussion.

Tickets are £10 and include a copy of the book plus a drink on the night.  Copies of Bitter Orange can be picked up in advance so that you have plenty of time to read the book.

Tickets are available on EventBrite or at Mostly Books.

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